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For Time Trialling, Sportive, E-Race & General Fitness

One of the reasons cycling is so popular as a sport is the variety of cycling types and events. For some cycling is purely for fun, some use it as a form of transport to work, whilst others take part and compete in cycling events.

Their are a wide variety of Cycling events and competitions available for cyclists to choose from. These include road racing, time trialling, cyclocross, mountain biking, track cycling, sportives and most recently e-racing on platforms like Zwift.


Whichever your chosen distance the key part of your preparation is regular and consistent training of the right type for the discipline you have chosen.

"Research has shown that you are twice as likely to reach your goals if you have a structured plan"

The plans developed for Cycling are created in Training Peaks. This puts the plan into a calendar accessible on any device, and giving you specific training zones based upon your own personal threshold.

The cycling sessions are all created as Structured Workouts which means they can be exported to some Garmin & Wahoo headunits, Zwift, Rouvy or Trainerroad.

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