Personalised Rowing Coaching from Rebecca Romero MBE

First up we have our longer-term subscription coaching services with a range of differing levels of engagement and flexibility.  It’s not the case that one is better than the other it’s more a question of what best suits the athlete.



A ‘second opinion’ engagement.  At this level there is no specific detailing of a plan.  After a 60min consultation discussing the athlete’s history, current situation and future goals we share a viewpoint on direction and the workload needed to achieve those goals.  This is followed up by a 45-60min video call/phone call once a month reviewing the work done and considering the next months work. Before each call the coach will have reviewed your training and feedback notes completed in the previous period.

Cost - $65 per month



A simple ‘goal centric’ engagement.  This has proved popular with athletes pursuing a single main aim.  It is the detailing of a plan through to an event with periodic training schedule drops in TrainingPeaks typically every 4 weeks.  This is aligned to a monthly 45-60min video call/phone call review of the previous phase and discussion on the upcoming phase. Communicating with the athlete regarding sessions and workload during the month takes place through messaging in TrainingPeaks.

Cost - $105 per month



A classic 1:1 bespoke ‘goal centric’ engagement. A 60min consultation as described above followed by the creation of a long term plan linking all short and long-term goals.  Both athlete and coach will verbally ‘sign off’ on this.  Once this is established a fortnightly training schedule drop is made into TrainingPeaks and is accompanied by a 45-60min video call/phone call looking at the work done previously and considering the plan for the next fortnight.  Communication in the interim is dependent on what suits the athlete and via a media of their choosing.

Cost - $170 per month

Before engaging in any coaching service we offer a free of charge 30min call for an opportunity to discuss our services in further detail, raise Q&As and for both the athlete and coach to define whether they wish to move forward with one or other of the coaching services.  Following sign up to a subscription coaching service the coach will send the athlete an engagement email detailing the engagement and both athlete and coach obligations during it.


Sign up for a subscription coaching service is on a 3month basis payable in advance through PayPal or bank transfer.  This can be cancelled at any time.  Purchase of a ‘pay as you go’ or ‘bolt on’ coaching service is made through the website.

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In addition to our subscription coaching service we also offer a ‘pay-as-you-go’ coaching service where we you can purchase ‘bolt-on’ type services however or whenever you require them. It means you can dip in to a coach’s expertise whenever you require it or whenever budget allows.



After a 60min consultation to discuss the athlete’s history, current situation and future goals we will agree a direction and approximate workload needed to achieve these goals with a rough outline of a bespoke plan.  Upon agreement an invoice will be raised and upon payment the coach will then create the bespoke plan for the athlete based around the agreed areas.  The plan is then downloaded directly through TrainingPeaks but there is no further structured coaching service beyond this.
Cost – A bespoke plan will be billed at a rate per session on a sliding scale depending on number of overall weeks and number of sessions per week. 

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You may be following a bespoke plan and require ad-hoc contact with a coach to review things with, you may already be signed up to one of the three coaching level options but require some additional time with a coach, or you may just be doing your own thing but would like a consultation with a coach to assist you, bounce ideas off and ultimately help you improve your performance.  Here you can purchase a coaching review video call/phone call as required.
Cost - $26 per 30mins


Here you can purchase a purely technical coaching service that looks at improving your indoor rowing technique and performance.  After submitting a video of your rowing, we would advise further on the technical coaching time/sessions we believe would be required. These coaching sessions can be purchased in 20min blocks. Once you have purchased you will be sent an email with further details on how to submit the video.

Cost – $26 per 20mins  - Click here to purchase