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For Concept 2 Indoor Rowing

Romero Performance has developed Indoor Rowing plans for you to follow for distances from 2000m to Half Marathon.

The plans are all phased to allow you ton concentrate on different elements of your fitness during the programme. Generally they start with Endurance/Base building. Then a build phase to work on strength, then a speed phase to work on higher rates and top end fitness. Finally a Competition specific phase will give you lots of experience of your event pace, rate and effort. Then finally a taper to arrive at the event both fit and fresh


Every session has a workout designer, so enabling you to easily view the session format. They also include descriptive text to guide you through each session as clearly as possible. Every workout also has the session attached as a PDF so you can Print it out and read easily during the workout

All plans are reusable, so you can use as many times as you wish.

Two versions of all the plans are available. A standard version and a version with personal Video Analysis from Rowing Olympic Silver Medallist and World Champion, Rebecca Romero MBE. 

This video analysis allows you so send a side on video to us for technical analysis, Rebecca will review provide technical feedback and give exercises and areas to work on. When you have practised these send a further video to get further feedback on your progress.



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