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Corporate, Keynote, Motivational Speaking and Appearances

Rebecca has a truly great story to tell. It is a story of chasing dreams, soul searching and a quest to be the best. She reveals she was no child athlete prodigy, had no sporting influence and no ambition to be an Olympic athlete until a chance flick through the recreational section of the Yellow Pages opened up a fascinating journey to become one of the most successful and unique athletes this country has ever had.

In an emotional and passionate account she tells why her Olympic silver medal in Athens was a disappointment and how during the last two weeks before the Olympic final in Beijing, everything began to fall apart. Rebecca uncovers her frustrations, her struggles with the stress and pressure which she piled upon herself and how the desire for an Olympic Gold medal at times became all-consuming.

At the core of her story she unveils how she made the remarkable transition from rowing to cycling, explains how change was a necessity in order to improve and demonstrates the importance of having the right culture and environment for success. Rebecca presents a winning character so driven, committed, determined and focused and a winning mind so psychologically astute, that success was inevitable. Even Rebecca herself admits she ended up exceeding even her own expectations.

For the corporate world Rebecca’s story highlights the many parallels between business performance and sporting excellence by outlining her framework for high performance and how her no compromise approach and can-do-will-do-attitude were critical to her success. She emphasises how we can all be winners and what we need to do, and she challenges and motivates the audience to make themselves the best that they can be.



Rebecca's talks are centred around the concept of a Winning Framework for high performance.  It is a unique concept which enabled her to win gold and can be applied to any setting where you are demanding performance.

Rebecca is an articulate speaker and gives an honest account of her story. Delivered with vulnerable but natural and authentic style, her presentations are so engaging and passionate that at times grown men have been reduced to tears! From her wealth of experience Rebecca can tailor her presentation to suit most audiences and mould it around specific key messages if required. As well as presenting to an audience, Rebecca is equally comfortable answering any question that comes her way.

Rebecca has a particular passion for talking to and engaging with school children, motivating, inspiring and encouraging them to try new experiences, not to be afraid of failure and that everyone has a talent it just might take time and effort to find it. In an engaging way she explains what it takes to be an Olympic athlete and relays intriguing facts about her weekly training regime and the Olympic Games.

Rebecca is available as a speaker for event and conferences, leadership speaking events and womens conference speaker.

If you would like Rebecca to speak at your event please get in touch.



“Rebecca presented, and then was part of an active Q&A, at our Fund launch event which involved circa 50 senior financial industry executives. In short, the event was a stand-out success, and Rebecca was a big part of this. Rebecca's edge as a speaker is her honesty, integrity and the fact that she is completely genuine. This, together with her incredible story and reflections since, are very powerful. Not one single phone was looked at throughout the session, and the feedback was exceptional. One guest even said he enjoyed it more than the exceptional talk he heard from Michael Jordan."

Frog Capital


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