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Welcome to the official website of World and Olympic Champion Rebecca Romero MBE, the first British athlete and second woman in history to win Olympic medals in two different sports at the summer Olympic Games.

Rebecca is a very unique athlete. An Olympic silver medallist and World Champion in the sport of rowing, Rebecca took up cycling with the aim of achieving the same elite standard. In a rapid rise through the ranks in track cycling she shattered British records and became double World Champion and Olympic Champion all within two and a half years in the sport. This made her the first British athlete and only the second woman in history to medal in two different sports.

Rebecca has a truly great story to tell. It is a story of chasing dreams, soul searching and a relentless quest to be the best. An emotional and passionate speaker she takes her audiences through the highs and lows of her career, expanding on her journey of personal excellence and giving insight into her unique winning formula which enabled her to capture gold. An articulate, inspiring and motivating individual she commands an audience with her thought provoking and tear-jerking accounts.

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