For 5k, 10k, Half Marathon & Marathon

Running is seeing a resurgence as an activity, there is no question when we go outdoors we can see more people, younger, older and everything in between, engaging in running.  Its simplicity is brilliant we put on a pair of trainers, sneaker, daps, kickers, whatever we call them and go! Straight out of the front door.  Given this resurgence leading running research groups have looked into why more people are running and it’s incredibly multi-faceted; get-fit, lose weight, health management, mental well-being, social belonging, outdoor exploration, run to achieve, and so many more reasons…


Given the importance it has in our lives it’s an imperative we stay fit healthy and free from injury.  But running is the sport where we are also most likely to pick up niggles and injuries so having sensible structure to our activity, the definition of a proven plan to take us to our goal is one of the key elements to success whatever our rationale or level of ability and it’s our aim to keep you on track and motivated, enjoying this pursuit so many of us love.


Romero Performance has a range of plans for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced runners, these plans cover; 5km, 10km, Half Marathon, and the Marathon.


Romero Performance has worked alongside running coach Clive Boulton in the development of these plans, the key consideration being to develop a range of plans for a broad spectrum of abilities and specific to the event goals you may set yourself.


Clive has vast experience as a runner and as a coach, working with runners across all age groups and abilities, form juniors to senior veteran athletes, and from  beginners and national standard athletes.