USE – Ultimate Sports Engineering

Rebecca uses the USE Tula bars on both her Time Trial bike and Track training bike.

Rebecca was looking for the most aerodynamic bars available and the USE Tula met that criteria.

Complementing the Tula bars Rebecca fits USE SpinSticks on her time trial bike to minimize the aerodynamic drag even further.

Developed using the latest techniques and tested beyond industry standards TULA sets the new benchmark for all other aero bars to follow. With its race legal 3:1 aerodynamic profile and low drag design, the TULA bar slips through the air almost unnoticed – a proven 15 watt saving when traveling at over 30mph. The angle adjustable arm rests combined with parallel brake levers and hand pods, ensures pilots can find their optimum attack position.

The Inline brake lever reduces frontal area causing drag while breaking up air flow to main wing further increasing aerodynamic advantage.







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