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Science in Sport

Bernard Matthews

Throughout her sporting career Rebecca has used Science in Sport (SiS) products. Rebecca is a SiS-fuelled athlete, using SiS products in training, during races, and to aid recovery. She is now an ambassador for SiS and undertaking a consultant role with SiS…

Bernard Matthews

Bernard Matthews

Rebecca is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition and partners Bernard Matthews with their ‘Lean on Turkey’ campaign. For the athlete in training, turkey is excellent to help build, maintain and repair muscles. Check out for recipe ideas and inspiration on how easily you can start cooking with turkey too.


Rebecca is part of ‘Team Allianz’ a sport-related employee and broker engagement programme. ‘Team Allianz’ features a group of highly-talented athletes from the past, present and future and spearheads the drive for high performance within the Allianz Company. Allianz is one of the largest insurers in the UK and part of Allianz SE, one of the world’s foremost financial services providers.



Powerplate have supplied Rebecca with the Pro 6 Powerplate machine and the PowerBike.The Pro 6 is invaluable training tool…


Wattbike has provided Rebecca with a bike which she uses regularly and has become a functional part of her training regime…


Rebecca uses the Compex mi-SPORT muscle stimulator to improve her performance. The mi-SPORT was designed with competitive athletes in mind…

Dash saddles

Rebecca rides using a Dash Cycles Stage 9 saddle. Dash saddles are designed with the split nose principal to provide a more comfortable seating position whilst in the TT position, whilst weighing just 99grams…


Rebecca uses the USE Tula bars on both her Time Trial bike and Track training bike.
Rebecca was looking for the most aerodynamic bars available and the USE Tula met that criteria.

O-Rings / SRM

Thank you to TrainSharp Cycle coaching who are the official distributor for OSymetric (O rings) and SRM Power meters for providing Rebecca with these products to use in training and racing.


Rebecca has throughout her career worn Oakley sunglasses to get the best eye protection available during training, racing and when off the water/bike.


Thank you to Terry Dolan at Dolan cycles for providing Rebecca with a Dolan Forza track bike to use for training on the track. The Forza works equally well as at upright bunch race bike or a pursuit bike.

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