Ironman 70.3 Part 1 – Race Morning

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Last Minute Race Preparation

Not since my days as an international rower have I had to set my alarm for the ‘dawn of time’ on race day.  Fortunately my body and brain remembered what this felt like and responded as it did in the old days, zinging into action and bestowing me with an energy and positivity that is lacking on most normal mornings!

It was 5am and everything outside was enveloped in blackness.  The hotel had put on an early breakfast for the handful of Ironman competitors staying there.  Whilst everyone else in the hotel was still sleeping, we crept to the restaurant to take on our last crucial means of sustenance that would fuel us for our efforts ahead.  I was extremely grateful in particular for a much needed caffeine boost.  But coffee was not the only stimulant provided to me at this breakfast opportunity.  As I sat sipping my coffee and munching a piece of toast, I looked around taking in a familiar sight and felt a familiar buzz.

As the sky began to fill with a faint pink light from the morning sunrise, there in that restaurant were a bunch of individuals with a common purpose.  We all wore the same pre-race preparation clothing, all ate the same bland and simple pre-race breakfast, all carried sports bags filled with the same items, all boarded a bus to take us to the race venue, all sipped regularly from water-bottles clasped tightly in our hands, all went through the same order of pre-race checks, preparations and warm-ups and all lined up on the start line to go through the same physical challenge.  We were all strangers separated by nationality, ability and experience.  But on this one morning we were united by a common past-time, a common goal, melded together by pre-race rituals, nervous tension, excitement and anticipation. We were all the same.  It was this familiar experience that got me excited.  It was race day!  The race switch had been turned on and my body and mind began to gear up for what I love doing – racing!

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