“I rely on my Compex mi-SPORT a lot! Tired, exhausted muscles and aches, pains and strains are an everyday part of an athlete’s life. Keeping on top of active recovery methods, injury prevention and pain management is made so much easier with the mi-SPORT. For me this is the most important and regular role that the machine fulfils. In addition, the machines other training functions, such as the endurance and strength programmes, are also brilliant for times when I’m injured, ill or away somewhere and unable to actively train. What’s even better about the mi-SPORT is I find its best used whilst lying in a horizontal position in front of the TV. When can you ever say that about training!”

Rebecca uses the Compex mi-SPORT muscle stimulator to improve her performance. The mi-SPORT was designed with competitive athletes in mind. Offering the muscle intelligence™ technology (mi-SCAN, mi-TENS, mi-RANGE and mi-ACTION), it takes into account your specific muscular condition and adapts the workout sessions to your physiology and unique needs. Perfect for training, preparation and complete recovery!

When you exercise, the brain sends the order in the form of electrical currents that travel at high speed along the nerve fibres. These electrical currents excite the motor nerve, which then passes the information to the immediate surroundings of the muscle, triggering a muscle contraction. With electrostimulation, the excitation is directly produced at the motor nerve, rather than by the brain. Compex Muscle Stimulator produces powerful muscle contractions through “optimal”, safe and comfortable electrical impulses delivered at the motor nerves.
The Compex mi-SPORT is proven in European clinical tests to build muscle size and strength, as well as improve endurance and aid faster muscle recovery on a post-event basis. Compex mi-SPORT includes six total programs for your sports training needs – resistance, endurance, strength, explosive strength, potentiation, and active recovery.


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